Yes on Measure V – keep our schools afloat endorses Measure V – Parcel Tax to keep our schools afloat in the San Mateo-Foster City School District

The San Mateo-Foster City School District is bleeding money.

More than $580 per student per year.

Since Measure Y failed last spring, the school district has been running a deficit. Starting next year, the school district will be cutting $5 million per year in spending.

Measure V‘s $10 million will cover that deficit. Unfortunately, it is a bandage, not a solution.

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It is a necessary  first step.

The San Mateo Foster City School District, like most school districts in California, is seriously underfunded.

We’ve been cutting our schools funding for decades and there is nothing left but meat and bone.

And our kids are paying.

In 1970, California funded each student at $400 above the national average.

Today, we fund each student at $2000 below the national average.

$7000 below the average per student in the top 10 states in the US.

By virtually every metric, teacher pay, staffing, everything, our kids are losing.

It is time to do something.

Passing this parcel tax is a necessary first step.

Step 1 – Pass the Measure V Parcel Tax – restoring over $800 per student per year in funding

How did we get in this mess?

in 2017, Measure Y failed to get the two thirds vote it needed to pass. It was a $7 million tax to continue another parcel tax that had expired.

The argument against the tax was that our schools are failing.

It is true.

But, it is not because they are wasting money, but because our schools are grossly underfunded.

Arguing about efficiency only makes sense if the budget is close.

At just over $11,500 per student per year and $2000 below the national average, we are not.

We are starving our future.

Visit the official Measure V campaign site.

Step 2 – Develop a Comprehensive Plan to Ensure Full and Fair  Funding of our Public Schools

We call on the San Mateo-Foster City School District’s Board of Trustees to develop a comprehensive  plan, in conjunction with local, state and federal leaders and elected bodies, to advocate for and bring to fruition the Full and Fair Funding of education that it resolved to support on January 25,  2018.

If the state can’t do this, then the district owes it to our children to create a local funding solution that will.

See: 7_1_ResolutionNo111718CSBAResolutionCallingForFullAndFairFundingOfCaliforniasPublicSchools012518_0

Join us mission is “better outcomes for all special needs kids”. There are 12,000 students in the San Mateo Foster City School District with over 1000 students in special education. Special needs students are the “canaries in the coal mine.” When schools do badly for everyone, they do even worse for special needs kids.

And in many cases, special needs kids can’t switch over to private or religious schools since private and religious schools can, and do, exclude special needs kids.

Remember to vote

If you don’t vote, nothing happens.

Parcel taxes require a two thirds (66.67%) majority to pass. Measure Y almost made it with 65%.

Every vote counts.

Write a postcard

Voting is critical.

If you have an hour and $3.50 for stamps, you can help every student in the San Mateo Foster City School District by restoring over $800 in funding per year by writing ten (10) Postcards in support of Measure V.

Just fill out the form below or click here, and we’ll get you a package of postcards and addresses so you can show your support for all of our kids.


We are a new organization dedicated to positive change for all special needs kids by changing the policies and systems that leave our kids out.

Fill out the form below for more information or join here.

If you are ready to help improve our schools:

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Thank you.


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