Measure V Postcards for Kids Campaign

We need your help for our Measure V Postcard Campaign has endorsed Measure V – the San Mateo Foster City School District parcel tax campaign.

Every vote is critical.

Your help in making sure the community knows about Measure V and it’s importance for all kids will make a huge difference.

Parcel taxes require a two thirds majority. The last parcel tax campaign for San Mateo-Foster City schools failed by less than 2 percent – 65 percent in favor. Just shy of the 66.67 percent needed.

It was that close.

We need your help getting the word out to voters in San Mateo and Foster City.

We need your help telling our fellow community members that their vote makes a difference in helping all kids have a better education.

The math is simple:

1 Hour


10 Postcard Stamps ($3.50)


more than $830 per student per year for education.

It is an investment that is hard to beat. will provide you with the postcards, addresses, instructions & sample scripts (Postcard Campaign Instructions Condensed) to participate in the postcard campaign project.

Fill out the form below and we’ll get the postcards to you.


Don’t have time for postcards?

Join and help us improve outcomes for all special needs kids.

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