McCleary school superintendent advocates for special education funding in Washington state

Dan Casler, superintendent of McCleary School District in Washington state, has written a passionate article on special education funding:


Over recent years McCleary has made significant improvements in our services to be both compliant and service student IEPs as we know is right. We are proud of this fact, and yet we are seeing deficits we will be unable to sustain without other significant reductions to instructional staff and programs. Here’s the budgetary dilemma districts face — do they apologize to their community that they do not have adequate funds to service student IEP needs, or do they apologize for those substantial costs necessary to meet the needs of all students? I personally sleep much better knowing our students have what they need when they enter our doors.

Many district officials and families would say that we have a civil rights issue here. Organizations in our state, including OSPI, the Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA), and the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA) to name a few, have recognized that special education funding has not been fully addressed. Districts will continue to encourage families and the greater educational community to continue to ask their legislators about special education funding and how they plan to address this significant issue.

What is your superintendent and your state doing on the issue of special education funding?

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