Immersion Teaching for Your Autistic Child

Therapy for autism is great. There is nothing like a trained expert to help your child.


They aren’t there all the time.

They aren’t even there most of the time.

You are.

Be an active agent for your autistic child’s treatment.

Don’t fall into the Autism Therapy Trap.

Use your time with your child to immerse them in our social, communicating world.

It isn’t about turning your family time into therapy.

It’s taking every opportunity to do your best to connect with your autistic child in your everyday activities.

If the best way to learn a foreign language is to go to a country that speaks that language and immerse yourself in that language and culture.

… then, clearly, the best way to bring your child into our language and culture is to immerse them in your language and culture.

We do this casually and passively with all our children.

We just need to do it with active intent (and some help) with our autistic children.

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