Do you need IEP Support? The San Mateo County SELPA can support you!

As continues to delve into existing Special Education resources in our region, we are learning some very useful information that we would like to share with you.

Did you know that there are a range of IEP supports available through the San Mateo County SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area) that you can access without cost?

Karen Ann Breslow is the SELPA’s “Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program’s Intake Coordinator.  She can assist you at almost any stage of your IEP, whether it’s your first, annual, triennial IEP.  Contact information for the SELPA and for Karen can be found at

The SELPA’s ADR Program is multi-tiered, but some initial supports that are offered include:

  • FILE REVIEW: Any member of an IEP Team (Note: parents are members of the Team) can request a review of a student’s file for technical or advice or as a compliance review.  *If you have a question about whether the assessment results look consistent or if you have other related questions or concerns about what is in your child’s file, the SELPA can assist you with this!
  • EXPERT TEAMS: Teams of specialists in the areas of Behavior, Autism, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) are available to advise IEP Teams as they seek solutions to the challenges a child faces in the classroom.  *This input could be very useful to learn about and consider innovative solutions for a child with special needs!
  • FACILITATED MEETINGS: Meetings with a trained neutral facilitator can help focus the entire IEP Team, or particular members, on what their Desired Outcome is for a student. This type of meeting may be helpful to assist families to identify clear goals for their child and to explore future possibilities, or if there are questions about the value of a service for their child.  Such meetings can be similarly helpful for school staff members of an IEP Team to explore options for a student, the meaning of conflicting data, or to resolve philosophical differences.
  • RPC-CAC PARENTS: The SELPA’s Resource Parent Council (Community Advisory Committee or “CAC”) is a state-mandated Committee under the Education Code, and include Parents from Districts with additional training in the IEP Process, who can be available for support and individual consultation on the IEP Process, how to effectively advocate for your child, and how to maintain positive relationships with your child’s teachers and service providers.  *Ask if your District currently has any RPC-CAC members, and if you’re interested in serving in this capacity, you can ask your District’s Special Education Director about how to get involved.

If you need support, you can contact your District as well as the SELPA anytime!

These supports are sure to be a welcome relief for parents who feel lost and confused about how to get their child services that are most beneficial to their success!

The SELPA is there for YOU!


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