Chicago Special Education Crisis?

In December 2017, the Education Committee of the Chicago City Council abruptly canceled a meeting on special education.

Alderman. Susan Sadlowski-Garza (10th) branded the cancellation a “cover-up” engineered by mayoral allies to avoid embarrassing Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Chicago Public Schools apparently have 181 special education staff vacancies creating serious problems for special education students in the city.

“WBEZ [Radio] found that CPS redirected funds intended for students with special needs, and significantly reduced the programs and specialized supportive services for special education. The public deserves an explanation.”

The Progressive Caucus has been demanding the hearings in response to an investigative report by WBEZ-FM Radio 91.5.

The public radio station uncovered delays in special education services and disparities among spending on white and on minority students, among other findings.

In an all too common refrain:

Still, the Illinois State Board of Education has launched an investigation into the special ed practices at CPS aimed at determining whether there is, as State School Supt. Tony Smith put it, a “policy environment in CPS” that is “preventing students from being served.”

How are your local special education programs working?

Progressive Caucus to try again to force special ed hearing

State panel to examine special education practices at Chicago Public Schools

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