A Longstanding Discussion of Equity

On September 13, 2018, the San Mateo-Foster City School Board began discussing an Equity Resolution – 6_1_Resolution091819Equity_0 – to address issues in the District.  The Draft Resolution proposes to form an Equity Task Force to assist the District is addressing these issues. The Board will continue their discussion at future meetings or study sessions. I am a strong… Read More

Food for Thought

While we are dedicated to achieving better outcomes for all special needs kids at snkids.org, I personally believe that society often puts mental health in a different category of need and concern than other special needs.  This statement is admittedly biased and is based solely upon my own personal experience with my child with special… Read More

SNKids.org Accomplishments

We began the SNKIDS.ORG journey together in December 2017. Our goal – Better Outcomes for all Special Needs Kids through steadfast advocacy for political and systems improvement. We have just begun. But, so far, we have: held a San Mateo-Foster City School Board Candidate Forum (September 2017); launched our snkids.org website and Facebook community; held… Read More