San Mateo County SELPA Governing Board Meeting 3.19.19

Join us for the SELPA (County of San Mateo) Governance Board Meeting regarding Special Education matters, including budget, LCAP, performance indicators and a presentation by the Bayshore School District on their full-inclusion program. The meeting materials are attached here: SELPA Gov. Board Mtg 3.19.19 – Part 1 Packet SELPA Gov. Board Mtg 3.19.19 – Part… Read More

The Endrews decision, 2 years later

As stated in this April 2018 article, “A year after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that schools must offer students with disabilities an education reasonably calculated to enable them to “make progress appropriate in light of the child’s circumstances,” what has changed? On the one hand, not much, if evaluating the dozens of special… Read More

California School Dashboard – Students with Disabilities – 2018

California’s school dashboard for 2018 hides as much as it shows. Students with disabilities are present, but hidden (some would say “separate, but unequal). The following is the “Students with Disabilities” dashboard for California as a whole. It is taken directly from the main state summary (I’ve clicked on all the links and done a… Read More

You did it! $7.65 Million for Special Needs Kids*

Better education is critical for special needs kids. In California, fewer than 15% of all special needs kids (12.5 percent of the student population – over 300,000 students) are performing at or above grade level (studies estimate that 80 percent or more children with disabilities could perform at or above grade level – a gap… Read More