advocates for political and systemic change to help all special needs kids.

  • We don’t know what special needs kids can do.
  • We don’t know how far they can go.

What we do know is that they deserve the opportunity to go as far as they can.

  • With inclusion, not discrimination.
  • With compassion, not condescension.
  • With hope, not despair.

We want what is possible for all special needs kids.


and we have no idea what is possible.

Special needs kids are too often divided by their diagnoses. We are here to unite parents, families, teachers, advocates, and others who care about all special needs kids. Individual advocacy is critical, but we shouldn’t have to fight the same battles over and over and over again.

  • We aren’t waiting for a “cure”.
  • We aren’t hoping for a magic bullet or therapy.
  • We are not abandoning hope for anyone – young, old, today, tomorrow, yesterday.

We are all in this together.

Join us.